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Recently we have talked about the Xerox Remote Print Services for supply replenishment and cost of bargain brands and the damage they can cause.  Today let’s look at the North American (NA) supplies website. Supplies sites in other countries or regions may differ. The site offers the opportunity to search by your model number, supply type or by a particular part number. You can compare products to see which will meet your need. The supplies site is available on your computer or mobile device.

The supplies page includes toner, ink, staples, fusers, drums and maintenance kits and more. To access the supplies site you can click the supplies link on the right hand side of the support page for your printer under the headings Product Resources or Owners.  For your paper and media needs consult the recommended media lists that are available on the support site for your machine.

Please check out this short video about replacement cartridges:

You can register for an account on the Supplies site which will make ordering and tracking your orders easier.  You can always order as a guest if you prefer.  Use this page to browse printer accessories, read reviews, see current instant savings offers, and purchase online. If you are not sure what printer supplies you need you can talk to a product expert via the link available on the supplies site.

You can find information on recycling the empty supply cartridges and other recyclable consumables on the supplies page. Please consider recycling to keep those items out of the landfills. Recycling is easy and it is good for the environment.

As always if you have any questions call supplies.  The number for supplies is on the site or you can check for supplies information on the support page for your machine.

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  1. Peter Hignett January 12, 2020 - Reply

    Our church group uses a Workcentre 5230 printing machine which uses replaceable cartridges for toner and drum. We have recently obtained replacements and I have just arranged to return the old cartridges for recycling. The box for the drum cartridge contained an instruction sheet, giving step-by-step guidance for how to return items. My comment concerns the printing of this sheet. The print is in very pale green and is virtually illegible and very small. Will you PLEASE issue any such documents in larger BLACK printing so that anyone with less than 100% eyesight can at least read what it says. I had to use a magnifying glass and even then couldn’t read the correct website address.

    • Cheryl Otstott March 23, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Peter,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. I have escalated your concerns about the light print. You can find recycling information on our recycle page (HERE) if you need it in the future.

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