2020 Equals 10

No it is not some weird math, it is the 10th anniversary of the At Your Service blog. Time to Celebrate!! These past ten years have seen so many changes in the world of printers, printing and support.  We have brought you information on innovations and support for the products you use every day. 

Over the past 10 years, we have seen the creation of the Xerox Support YouTube channel and the continued growth of the Xerox Community Support Forum.  The Support Forum coincidentally will celebrate 10 years this summer.  Back to the last 10 years of this blog, we have published 920 or 921 blog articles if we count this one and have received and responded to more than 5,000 comments.  We have had guest bloggers and have introduced many new products, features and apps.   

Let’s take a look at part of that very first blog article from 2010: 

So what have we gotten ourselves into?  Blog is a shortened form of Web Log.  The Encyclopedia Britannica states: A blog is an ‘online journal where an individual, group, or corporation presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs. Some blogs operate mainly as news filters, collecting various online sources and adding short comments and Internet links. Other blogs concentrate on presenting original material. In addition, many blogs provide a forum to allow visitors to leave comments and interact with the publisher.’  With that said, I am planning on doing all of that but mostly to write about what I know and that would be Xerox. 

We will be exploring the world of Printers and Multifunction devices as well as other offerings from Xerox.  I hope to introduce you to things you might not have known about and remind you about some things you may have forgotten about.” 

I would say we have done all of that and more.  Going forward we will continue to highlight the features and functions of your printers and multifunction printers.  We will bring you information on the innovations going on in the printer segment and listen to your suggestions and information requests through the comments on this blog. 

Let us know if there is a subject or feature you would like us to write about, we welcome your suggestions. Please consider subscribing to the blog so you do not miss any future articles.  Thanks for the last 10 years and we look forward to continuing our dialog with you in the future.   

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  1. Mary Fenlon January 11, 2020 - Reply

    WOW – 10 years! That’s outstanding! Way to go, Cheryl!

    • Cheryl Otstott January 14, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Mary,
      Yes 10 years! Thanks for the naming of the blog all those years ago!

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