Back to the Past

It is that time of year to go back to the past by one hour this weekend.  If you live and or work in Hawaii, Arizona or Puerto Rico you can stop reading now.  The rest of you we get to fall back and get an extra hour of sleep or whatever activity you choose to do with your extra hour. It is important to remember to change your clocks back one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday Nov. 3, 2019*. Ok so you don’t have to do it at exactly 2 a.m. but just make sure you change the time or you will be early to your appointments or events on Sunday and people will know that you were not paying attention. If you are lucky enough to be in Fiji you will set your clock ahead one hour on November 10th 2019.  Way to be confusing Fiji!!!

After you change your clocks, check the clock(s) on your Xerox Products and make sure they are set for the correct time. If the device time is not set correctly it can cause confusion when you look at the time on faxes, activity reports, banner pages and other time sensitive reports and activities. There is also the possibility that printing will not work if the printer and your network are not set for the same time.

Many of the printers and multifunction printers have the Network Time Protocol (NTP) or Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) feature which synchronizes the internal clock of the Xerox device over a network connection. SNTP or NTP must be enabled and configured at the device in order for this automatic feature to work.  For instructions on enabling SNTP or NTP if available on your device or for instruction to change the time, navigate to the support pages for your device(s) and search on “time”.  The search will bring you how tos and solutions for changing the time and how to enable SNTP or NTP if applicable to your device.

Change those clocks, replace the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. If you have any of your extra hour left after all this clock changing and battery changing, enjoy your extra time!

* Sunday Oct 27, 2019 for most of Europe

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