Envelope Printing – Envelope Tray or Not

We receive questions about printing envelopes almost on a daily basis. With the holidays around the corner it is a good time to address envelope printing. Did you see what I did there? Address envelope printing, funny because you address envelopes – never mind if you have to explain the joke it is just not as funny.

Did you know that some of the Xerox printers and multifunction printers have an optional envelope tray available?  The envelope tray is an optional feature and there may be an additional charge for this option.  If you print many envelopes, it might be worth the investment to have the envelope tray.

If there is not an optional envelope tray then the envelopes will most likely be loaded in the bypass tray. Please check the case for printing envelopes that can be found in the online knowledgebase for you specific printer model by searching on the word envelope.  Let’s look at some things to remember when printing on envelopes.  These guidelines are from the online knowledgebase.  

Guidelines for Printing Envelopes:

  • Use only paper envelopes.
  • Do not use envelopes with windows or metal clasps.
  • Print quality depends on the quality and construction of the envelopes. If you do not get the desired results, try another envelope brand.
  • Maintain constant temperatures and relative humidity.
  • Store unused envelopes in their packaging to avoid excess moisture and dryness which can affect print quality and cause wrinkling.
  • Excessive moisture can cause the envelopes to seal before or during printing.
  • Remove air bubbles from the envelopes before loading them into the tray by setting a heavy book on top of them.
  • In the print driver software, select Envelopes the paper type.
  • Do not use padded envelopes. Use envelopes that lie flat on a surface.
  • Do not use envelopes with heat activated glue.
  • Do not use envelopes with press and seal flaps.

Please search in the online support for your machine on how to load the envelopes in the machine. If you are using expensive envelopes, I would suggest doing a test print to make sure you have everything set properly and the envelopes loaded in the correct manner and proper orientation.

You can get envelopes or labels to print on your Xerox printer or multifunction printer but sometimes you just have to test it first and adjust from that test print.

Now I will leave you with a video about printing envelopes.  This video is for the WorkCentre 5700 series so your process may differ depending on the machine you use.

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