Xerox Toner for Non-Xerox Printers

Toner is the lifeblood of so many printers, Xerox and other manufactures.  Xerox has toner for non-Xerox printers. These cartridges are available for many HP and Brother Printers with the Xerox quality and reliability you have come to trust.  Xerox has a long history with laser printing and toner technology.  In fact, Xerox invented the toner technology more than 70 years ago. 

Check out the Xerox replacement cartridge story video.

So that video was a good explanation of why you should try Xerox cartridges for your HP and Brothers Printers.  The cartridges offer a cost savings of 25 to 35 % and with equal or greater page yields than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) options.  That means a lower cost per page.

They also come with a lifetime warranty. They do not invalidate the warranty on your printer.  That is a cartridge with great quality prints, high-value, and no-risk alternative to the OEM options. 

To get your hands on this great deal check out the Quick Reference Guide to find the correct replacement supplies for your particular HP or Brother model of printer.  Navigate over to the Xerox toner for non-Xerox printers page for more information on ordering, yields, pricing and support for the toner. 

Try the cartridges. You really have nothing to lose but lots to gain in the form of lower prices, great color and excellent quality images.  The Xerox cartridges are the best for less guaranteed. 

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