Xerox eConcierge: Supplies and Free Lifetime Warranty

I am all about free service and making life easier so I was excited to read about the free Xerox eConcierge service.  I have found concierges helpful on vacation.  When I first heard of Xerox eConcierge I assumed this software would not be making dinner reservations for my printers.  As I learned more about it, I realized Xerox eConcierge would save me time so maybe I could make my own reservations for dinner!  In business terms, a concierge is a person employed to make arrangements and run errands.  Well Xerox eConcierge performs some of the duties of a concierge.

The Xerox eConcierge supplies assistant is your own private assistant that will watch your printers and multifunction devices and make sure that supplies are monitored so that you can always have supplies at the ready for your machines.  The software not only monitors your Xerox products but many other networked printers and multifunction devices as well.  The software monitors your printers in the background and notifies you when supplies run low.  The Xerox eConcierge will create an order even finding the part numbers and suggesting compatible supplies.  With a few clicks your order can be placed and your items will be shipped directly to you. Below is a sample of the Xerox eConcierge window that monitors your printers.

Xerox eConcierge program also provides a free lifetime warranty that includes free maintenance and repair for your printers. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time.  Now how cool is that?   Supplies managed and sent to you and free lifetime warranty on your eligible products, now that is a concierge!!

For all the details please see the Xerox eConcierge on the website, the site includes frequently asked questions. Watch the video provided below for a quick overview.  Check out the supported products list and decide if Xerox eConcierge is for you.  You may be very glad that you did.

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