NTP and Time Travel Weekend

It is time to give back that extra hour we got back in November.  This Sunday March 10, 2019 is the day we lose an hour of sleep and time travel into the future. We set our clocks forward by one hour; that is if the powers that be in your area of the world have chosen to comply with this policy. Here is a great site to find out where and when the spring forward will be observed.

Spring Forward

Those of you in Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii can stop reading now no time travel for you.  The rest of you this is our way of gaining an hour of daylight by manipulating the clocks and messing with Mother Nature. It is important to remember to change your clocks forward one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday March 10, 2019. You don’t have to do it at exactly 2 a.m. but just make sure you change the time or you will be late to your appointments or events on Sunday.

Don’t forget to also make the change on your office equipment. Cyber Elves will take care of most of your electronics but please check the time on your printers and / or multifunction printers to confirm they are set properly to the new time. Make the change on your Xerox printers and multifunction devices so that your documents will keep flowing with the correct time, even if you are still feeling an hour behind. If the device time is not set correctly it can cause confusion when you look at the time on faxes, activity reports, banner pages and other time sensitive reports and activities.

There is a possibility that printing will not work if the printer and the network are not set for the same time. Many of the printers and multifunction printers have the Network Time Protocol (NTP) feature which synchronizes the internal clock of the Xerox device over a network connection. NTP must be enabled and configured at the device in order for this automatic feature to work.  For instructions on enabling NTP if available on your device navigate to the support pages for your device(s) and search on “NTP”.  The search will bring you how tos and solutions for how to enable NTP at your device. If your device does not have NTP then search for “time” for the steps for changing the time on your printer. 

Enjoy your time travel this weekend and you don’t even need a flux capacitor!! “Your future is whatever you make it so make it a good one.” – Doc Brown from Back To The Future

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  1. Stuart Robinson March 8, 2019 - Reply

    Slightly premature – in the UK its the end of March before we lose our 1 hour.

    • Cheryl Otstott March 27, 2019 - Reply

      Hi Stuart,
      Thank you for reading the blog. I mentioned in the article that the time change may occur on a different weekend in your region and supplied a link to a website that lists all the countries and details. My frame of reference for the blog is usually North America or the US since that is where I work and reside. I hope this did not cause you any confusion or loss of time.

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