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Have you tried the Email support option? The email support consists of a form that you will fill out about your specific machine to ask a question or seek help for a problem or issue. The link for email support is located on the Contact tab on the support page for your machine. (see example below) Once the form is filled out simply click on Submit.  The form is sent to us here at Xerox support where it will be verified and then sent to the proper Remote Support Specialist (RSS) to help you. Our goal is to have your request processed within an hour. The Email links for North America are posted at the end of this article or access the link from the support page for your machine.

A confirmation of the receipt of your email form will be sent to you via email and will include a case number that is assigned to each support request. In some cases we may be able to send you an answer or solution from the information you have provided on the form. In other cases you may be asked to actively participate in troubleshooting and problem resolution steps and practices. This troubleshooting and problem resolution steps may be either through email or by us calling you, so please make sure your email and phone contact information are accurate.

On the form you will be asked to provide a problem description, please make this as thorough as possible. The more detail you provide on the problem and when and how it is displayed will help us to try to recreate the problem and provide suggestions for a resolution more quickly. The RSS will work with you to resolve your issue. Try this support method and see if it will fit into your work schedule and processes. This is another tool in the Support arsenal. As always you can use online support, call us, or connect with your peers on the Customer Support Community forum.

Email support gives you another options to get the answers and solutions you need in the way that works best for you. Next time you need our assistance consider giving Email support a try. We will be here!

Direct Links to Email support form:

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