Xerox Service Request Status: Where is my Tech?

Did you know that you can now track your service call?  Yes, now you can use the Xerox Service Request Status page to follow the progress of your technician.  Though we hope that you can use online support to solve any issues you have with your printers and / or multifunction device(s), we know that occasionally you may require a technician.  Now you can simply enter your machine serial number and your zip code to get the status of your service request.  This tool is intended to keep you up to the minute with status information and estimated time of arrival (ETA).  The site will also give you the name of the technician that will be performing the call. This tool is available for service calls in North America.

This real time information will help you or your printer fleet administrators follow your service requests through to completion. Faster access to your service status will allow you to better manage your business, improve your productivity and create a great customer experience. The statuses you see will include Scheduled, Traveling, On Site, Complete, Return Visit Scheduled (when required) or Cancelled.  To update or cancel the request you will need to call your Xerox Support Centre.

This is an example of the screen you will see.  As you see the status on this example is “Traveling” with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of 12:00 PM CST and John Black the assigned technician.

The Xerox Service Request Status tool is available for many of the multifunction devices and printers.  To find the link and / or to see if this tool is available for your machine please navigate to the online support page for your printer.  Look on the left hand side under the Product Support Links section for the Service Request Status link. The link is also located on the Contact tab.

If you are a Xerox Phaser user this site might seem a little familiar.  Phaser users have a site of their own that has been in place for a while.  Here is the link to the site for the Phaser users.  Please make sure you use the correct site for your machine type.

Consider bookmarking the Xerox Service Request Status site for use anytime you need to check the status of a service call.

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