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Software / application support is available for many of the software programs, apps and third party products that you may use with your Xerox printer or multifunction printer.  There may be a separate Knowledgebase (KB) available for the solution you are using.  This KB is separate from the KB that is available for the printers and multifunction printer themselves.

Below there is a table below with many of the optional solutions that might be used with your printer.  These optional solutions may be be free or may be purchased through your sales representative or through other channels.  The solutions listed in the table, in most cases, have their own KBs separate from the printers. The solution specific KB will provide additional troubleshooting and how to information.

If the solution you are using is listed, please click or tap Support & Drivers here or navigate to the page and select Support, then from the drop down select Support and Drivers.  On the Support and Drivers page, enter the search terminology listed in the second column of the table below for the solution you are using in the Select by Product field to find the solution KB. If you do not see the solution you are using listed in the table contact Support for additional assistance.

Now some notes and notices from the KB solution about the optional solutions, taken directly from the KB.

NOTE:  There is minimal configuring or troubleshooting information for our software and platform solutions in the printer/device KBs.   It is best to search the solutions KB for additional information before contacting Xerox.


  • Not all software and platform solutions listed in the table below are supported on your Xerox printer/device.
  • Not all software and platform solutions are available in all countries or languages.
  • Xerox does not provide support (phone or onsite) for all solutions that are supported by your printer/device.


Software Solution / Application  or Optional Hardware Recommended Search Terminology Description  and Helpful Information
AirPrint for Xerox ConnectKey AirPrint for Xerox ConnectKey AirPrint™ is a driverless printing technology from Apple.  The technology lets Apple devices print to AirPrint compatible devices without installing drivers or downloading software.  Apple devices include the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and even Mac® OS X.
CentreWare Web CentreWare Web A web browser-based software tool that installs, configures, manages, monitors, and reports on networked printers/devices in the enterprise – regardless of manufacturer.
DocuJob Converter DocuJob Converter The DocuJob Converter enables users to bring DocuJobs (jobs prepared and/or stored in the DocuTech format) into the desktop or Internet publishing arena via TIFF or PostScript to be used in new documents. The converted TIFF files can be run through TextBridge or other OCR software to create editable text files for standard word processing applications.
DocuShare DocuShare Helps knowledge workers be more efficient every day by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes – the lifeblood of today’s work environment.
DTES DocuTech Extended Storage DocuTech Extended Storage
EC-PJM Find by Type> Softwrae and Platforms> EC-PJM The Extended Connectivity Print Job Manager is based upon Microsoft® Windows™ 2000 server and provides connectivity from a wide array of topologies and network operating systems, as well as the functionality of the standard Print Job Manager.
EOMS I-Services (XDPE/400) XDPE (also known as EOMS I-Services) EOMS I-Services is a print management facility for use on an IBM iSeries (AS/400).  It provides enhanced document formatting and printer control for DJDE, XES, PCL, Xerox Job Ticket, and Postscript/VIPP data streams.
EOMS Zservices Xerox Printer Access Facility (XPAF) > Software See XPAF for additional information.
FlowPort FlowPort Allows users to integrate critical business information into electronic workflows, enables the integration of paper documents with groupware, e-mail/messaging and document management systems.
FreeFlow Accxes Copy Freeflow Accxes Copy A software that maximizes your wide format color scanning workflows.
Freeflow Accxes Indexer Freeflow Accxes Indexer A software that provides advanced file naming and indexing that is critical to optimizing your document management solution.
FreeFlow Core FreeFlow Core Automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print.
FreeFlow Express to Print FreeFlow Express to Print Uses a simple, visual interface and templates to simplify and automate prepress job preparation.
FreeFlow Makeready FreeFlow Makeready A job preparation tool with basic imposition, tab programming, and simplified color management and personalization.
FreeFlow Office Fax Server FreeFlow Office Fax Server
NOTE:  Only available in USA
A fax software that provides integrated, server-based fax functionality – extending powerful fax capabilities to the desktop and enabling walk-up fax capabilities in Xerox multifunction systems.
FreeFlow Output Manager FreeFlow Output Manager Improves your production capacity, turnaround and productivity by centralizing control of job management across multiple production systems.
FreeFlow Photo Automation FreeFlow Photo Automation Designed to work with a breadth of Xerox production color printers driven by the Xerox FreeFlow Print Server—and a range of Xerox partners’ photo authoring software—to enable a seamless, automated workflow from customer order to print.
FreeFlow Print Manager FreeFlow Print Manager  

Takes care of job ticketing and tracking, increases your productivity by integrating your print-management and job-ticketing processes into one consistent workflow.

FreeFlow Process Manager FreeFlow Process Manager Creates a touchless workflow that can automatically process thousands of incoming jobs every day, allowing you to reduce costs, and assure consistent quality.
FreeFlow Scanner 665 FreeFlow Scanner 665 A Xerox scanner that converts documents in digital format and scans 8.5 x 11 inch black and white single-sided documents at 65 images per minute (ipm) at 600 dpi.
FreeFlow Variable Information Suite FreeFlow Variable Information Suite
NOTE: No KB available but there is a support forum available
FreeFlow Web Services FreeFlow Web Services Gives customers convenient 24/7 access to your services—without 24/7 staffing, and consolidates your orders—Web, phone, fax and walk in—to automate job ticketing, tracking and routing.
Gabi Voice Gabi Voice A voice activated solution that allows the visually impaired to use the Xerox device. This solution is currently only available in the United States of America and only on the AltaLink B80XX or C80XX devices.  There is no KB available for this solution.  Search the AltaLink B80XX or C80XX KBs for Gabi Voice information.
Mopria Print Service Mopria Print Service Mobile printing for Android devices.
Nuance AutoStore WorkFlow Nuance AutoStore WorkFlow Captures and secures delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications from a wide range of points of capture.
Nuance eCopy ShareScan Nuance eCopy ShareScan Nuance eCopy ShareScan empowers workgroups and enterprises to capture the data in paper documents easily and securely using Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-enabled MFPs . Nuance eCopy ShareScan is available in 4 configurations:

  • eCopy Elements
  • eCopy Office
  • eCopy Suite
  • eCopy ScanStation
Nuance Output Manager Nuance Output Manager Transforms and delivers print streams from line of business systems so every job is securely printed, when and where you need it.
RemoteAssistant RemoteAssistant The Remote Assistant transmits copier/printer data (such as meter readings and supply data) via a secure data transmission process using the GSM cellular network (compatible with networks around the world).
Sagem XMedius Sagem XMedius A reliable software based server fax solution that automates and standardizes fax processes. It offers extensive faxing capabilities directly from desktops, online applications, mobile devices and network-enabled MFPs.
ScanFlowStore ScanFlowStore Helps you simply and efficiently create digital archives by scanning documents directly to a destination from your Xerox multifunction device.
SmartSend SMARTsend SMARTsend allows you to use your MFP device to scan paper documents into digital form and distribute them to multiple destinations; making more information accessible to more people.
SMart eSolutions Xerox Remote Print Services Replaced by Xerox Device Agent
XCounter XCounter Page Accounting XCounter is an accounting/queue management software that controls and monitors printing resources over most wide and local area networks.
XDPE/400 XDPE/400 (also known as EOMS I-Services) Xerox Document Print Executive EOMS I-Services is a print management facility for use on an IBM iSeries (AS/400).  It provides enhanced document formatting and printer control for DJDE, XES, PCL, Xerox Job Ticket, and Postscript/VIPP data streams.
Xerox App Gallery Xerox App Gallery Xerox App Gallery allows users to browse a marketplace for device Apps and install these Apps on the devices themselves.  Some Apps include:PrintByXerox App, Xerox Print and Scan, Xerox Healthcare MFP App, QR Code App, Xerox Scan to Cloud Email App
Xerox ConnectKey for SharePoint Xerox ConnectKey for SharePoint A middleware solution that enables end users to scan directly from Xerox EIP enabled printers to network folders or to Microsoft SharePoint.
Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud A “server-less” multifunctional device scanning application that allows the printer to scan documents and transmits them to the Xerox ConnectKey™ Share to Cloud server. This server, in turn, may communicate with other cloud services for document conversion or email notifications. The final document is then sent from the cloud to its target destination, which can be:

Google Docs & Google Drive
Office 365
SharePoint Online
Email (via SMTP)

XDA for Smart eSolutions Xerox Remote Print Services Replaced by Xerox Device Agent.
See also Xerox Remote Print Service
XDA Lite Xerox Remote Print Services Replaced by Xerox Device Agent.
See also Xerox Remote Print Service
Xerox Device Agent Xerox Remote Print Services See also Xerox Remote Print Service
Xerox Global Print Driver (GPD) Global Print Driver A universal printer driver that lets you print to virtually any printer or multifunction printer – even to those made by other manufacturers.
Xerox MFP Connector for OnBase Xerox MFP Connector for OnBase Xerox MFP Connector for OnBase allows ad-hoc scanning of documents into the Hyland OnBase system by way of a Xerox MFP. The Xerox MFP Connector for OnBase coordinates the information displayed on the screen with the OnBase system, only exposing information granted by the OnBase configuration.
Xerox Mobile Express Driver Mobile Express Driver A single, universal printer driver you can download to your PC and print to virtually any PostScript device on your network, including printers made by other manufacturers.
Xerox Mobile Link Xerox Mobile Link A mobile app that can scan, email, fax and print from your phone or tablet by connecting with Xerox multifunction printers. It is also able to send data to cloud storage.
Xerox Mobile Print Cloud Xerox Print Management and Mobility Service A printing option designed to accommodate customers with mobile printing needs.
Xerox Mobile Print Portal Xerox Mobile Print Portal Enables smartphone and tablet users to connect with network printers for a simple, convenient, and secure printing method.

See also:  Xerox Print Management and Mobility Service

Xerox Mobile Print Solution Xerox Mobile Print Solution Allows you to submit files via email from mobile devices (laptops and smartphones) for printing – print drivers or special applications are not needed.

See also: Xerox Print Management and Mobility Suite

Xerox Workplace Cloud(formerly Xerox Print Management and Mobility Service) Xerox Workplace Cloud A next-generation mobile print solution that helps mobile users find and print to printers near them using smartphones/devices. All document conversion and processing is done in a central environment managed by Xerox – no need for users to maintain a server to host or manage the conversion software.
Xerox Workplace Suite(formerly Xerox Print Management and Mobility Suite) Xerox Workplace Suite A new platform that combines support for the PrintSafe Software and Mobile Print Solution in a single platform.
Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android Xerox Print Service extends Android’s printing feature in Android 4.4 (KitKat) to support printing on Xerox printers. The plug-in enables printing to many Xerox printers and MFPs without the need for third-party Apps or additional print drivers.
Xerox PrintSafe Software Xerox PrintSafe Software This software allows you to securely release and print your documents at any PrintSafe-enabled printer or multifunction device printer from your Microsoft Windows desktop/laptop.
Xerox Remote Print Services Xerox Remote Print Services A technology platform that provides a flexible end-to-end system for connecting products to the Xerox infrastructure, which administers our post-sale offerings.
Xerox Scan to PC Desktop Xerox Scan to PC Desktop A PC and server based software solution that provides productive scanning and PDF workflow.
Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System Integrates your Xerox multifunction systems with your existing employee/student ID PIN or badge providing a simple and convenient authentication system.
XWDS Xerox Web Document Submission Software (XWDS) Allows end users to submit print jobs electronically using browsers for centralized production or decentralized print.  Web-based printing generates cost savings and improvements in output quality, productivity, and turnaround time.
Xerox User Analytics Xerox User Analytics CompleteView User Analytics enables printing data to be quickly analyzed by any selected categories such as user, department, date, time, file type, and device.

The tool allows any user to drill down into the information in order to analyze who is printing and what is being printed.

Users can identify any print-related bottlenecks, improve their efficiency, understand the print infrastructure, analyze user behavior, reduce print volumes and increase general security in their print environment.

Xerox Wireless Network Adapter (WNA) WNA -100 Connects your Ethernet compatible Xerox printer or MFP to a wireless connection.
Xerox Wireless Print Solutions Adapter (WPSA)  Xerox Wireless Print Solutions Adapter The adapter seamlessly connects your Xerox printer to modern mobile and desktop workflows, regardless of your office environment.  Add wireless connectivity to any Ethernet compatible printer or multifunction printer that needs it.
YSoft SafeQ SafeQ (from YSoft) YSoft SafeQ is a comprehensive print management software solution designed to reduce the cost of print services, improve productivity and increase document security.  It allows you to track and account for every print, copy, and scan. The tools help you create and enforce print policies that will reduce these costs.

YSoft SafeQ Terminal Ultralight
YSoft SafeQ Terminal Professional
YSoft SafeQ Terminal Pro 4
YSoft SafeQ USB Card Reader 2
YSoft SafeQ USB Card Reader 3


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