From Astoria to Color Printing

Do you realize the significance of October 22? It means something to you even if you don’t realize it. You see Monday October 22, 2018, is both National Color Day and the 80th anniversary of the day the first xerographic image was produced and Xerography began.  Without that special day the Xerox printer or multifunction device you use would probably not exist. It is amazing to think how far the xerographic technology has come in 80 years.

Back on October 22, 1938 Chester Carlson, a patent attorney and part-time inventor, made the first xerographic image.  The first image was a hand written note that simply read “10-22-38 ASTORIA” (see picture). The copy is preserved in the Smithsonian Institution. If Carlson were still alive, he might be surprised to learn his invention began an information revolution that has continued to this day, making information readily available and expanding the world’s total knowledge. According to Megatrends in Digital Printing Applications 8.5 trillion letter-size simplex pages are printed annually in North America on products fathered by Carlson’s invention.

You can see the innovations that have evolved from the xerographic technology at the Xerox Innovation site. Read more about the history of Chester Carlson and Xerography or download the Story of Xerography.

Carlson would also be surprised at how much color is used in business prints these days.  Using color in business can dramatically improve communication, enhance productivity, and boost sales. Studies show that color can:

  • Help increase readership rates by as much as 80%
  • Make your impression 39% more memorable
  • Increase phone contact by 44% when the number is printed in color
  • Increase direct mail readership by 55%
  • Help readers find important information 70% faster
  • Increase payment response up to 30%
  • Increase sales, motivation and brand recognition by 80%

Color has become increasingly affordable and easier to control so there has been an ever-increasing use of color in printed material.  Xerox provides many printers and multifunction printers that provide color printing.  Xerox also offers our Confident Color tools to provide the best possible color.

In celebration of Mr. Carlson’s Astoria breakthrough and National Color Day, print something out using a little color or notice, as you go through your normal workday, how color and xerography help you and your business every day.

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