Control Your Printer Through Remote Control Panel

The Remote Control Panel on your Xerox multifunction printer is a great tool for system administrators, trainers or anyone that needs to access the machine from a remote location. The remote control panel is accessed on your computer from the CentreWare Internet Services or the Embedded Web Server.

Simply open the Embedded Web Server or CentreWare Internet Services for your machine by opening an Internet browser window and then enter the IP address of the printer in the Address field, and press [Enter] on the keyboard. Select the Support tab and select Remote Control Panel. Below is a picture of the Embedded Web Server and the Support tab showing how to access the Remote Control Panel.

Using the Remote Control Panel feature you can make changes to the Xerox multifunction printer (MFP) while sitting at a computer.  The Remote Control Panel is a complete interactive, real time interface to the printer.  With this tool you can make changes to settings just as you would if you were standing at the printer and using the interface at the machine.  The Remote Control Panel can help the administrator program and troubleshoot the machine from their PC. Additionally, the remote control panel can be used to train users or simply walk them through a set-up. The Remote Control panel is available on ConnectKey printer / multifunction printer models.

Please take a look at this video to see a demonstration of the remote control panel and one of its many uses.

To find out if your multifunction printer has the remote control panel capability please take a look at the ConnectKey website for compatible models.

If you have any issues opening or using the Remote Control Panel please navigate to the support page for your machine and search on the term ”remote control panel” or you can contact your local support centre.

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