Quick Tip Videos for Xerox VersaLink

Hey VersaLink users if you are looking for quick tip videos about your VersaLink multifunction device (MFD) you need only navigate to the Xerox Corporation YouTube channel.  Recently several quick tip videos were uploaded to the Xerox Channel.  These videos are short, less than 2 minutes and many under a minute long but packed with information on some of the most common and popular features.

As an example, I have posted below the video entitled Creating a 1-Touch App on Your Xerox VersaLink MFP or Printer

See what I mean?  That video made the process of creating a 1-Touch app so quick and easy.  You can find the other quick tips like this one by scrolling through the videos under the Videos tab on the Xerox YouTube home page or search on VersaLink.  Bookmark the videos you might want or need to refer back to or subscribe to the Xerox YouTube Channel so you will be notified when new videos are uploaded.

The instructions for all of the features covered on the videos are available in written form on the online support pages for the VersaLink.  The videos make it a little quicker and shows you screen by screen what you will see.

Remember as I have mentioned before there is also a Xerox Support YouTube channel that also has how to videos that are a little longer and in most cases more detailed.  So if you are looking for a particular feature or how to video, check both YouTube channels for the information you need.

If you require further information on any of the features covered in the videos please contact your local support centre, search on the support page for your machine or post a question on the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum.

Enjoy the videos and we hope you find them useful in setting up and customizing your VersaLink printer experience.

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