Build a Job Feature with Copy and Scan

Do you create complex copy jobs, jobs that contain different originals such as photos, charts, typed text, or some pages in color and other pages in black and white?  Or maybe your job requires single sided and double sided or different types, colors or sizes of paper.  These various requirements can make producing your job a little complicated. Well not anymore!!

We have a solution.  Build Job is a copy feature available on most Xerox Multifunction printers and copiers that lets you to create and save jobs with different and varying options.  Each segment of a build job can have different copy settings; everything from color, to page size to resolution and much more can be programmed in each segment of the job.  After each segment is programmed and scanned the job is then printed out.

The build job feature can also be used for jobs that are larger than the maximum number of originals for your Xerox multifunction printer document handler.  Using the build job feature also keeps you from having to manually compile the job after the different segments are copied.  Below is a video on how to set up a copy build job on a WorkCentre 5700 family multifunction printer, if you have a different machine the video will help you to understand how to use the feature but your buttons may be labeled or positioned a little differently.  Also remember to check the video tab on the support page for your machine to see if there is a video about Build Job specifically for your machine.

Now I bet you are thinking, that sure would be helpful for some of my scan jobs.  Well you are in luck because many of our Xerox multifunction printers also have the build job feature for scan to PC or network scans.  Please review the support pages for your machines to see if you have the build job feature for copies, scans or both.  Simply go to the support page for your machine and search on “build job” or “job assembly”.  Below is a video on how to set up a scan build job.  This video features the ColorQube 9200 family multifunction printer, if you have a different machine the video will help you to understand how to use the feature but again your buttons may be labeled or positioned differently.

This is just another example of a time saving feature built into your Xerox multifunction printer or copier.  Give it a try and see if it might save you some time in creating your complex jobs.

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