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As you know we recommend the use of the Online Knowledgebase for you to find answers to your questions, solutions for your issues, drivers, downloads, videos and documentation. The look and feel of the home page for support was updated recently.  After the update a new video was created to walk you through the support pages.

So without further ado here is the video:

Okay so it may not go viral but there is a lot of useful information in that video. The video can also be found on the XeroxSupport YouTube channel.  Please subscribe to our channel so you can easily find the expansive library of support videos and be notified when new videos are posted.  Videos include information on how to replace your supplies, videos on DOS commands, videos on how to manage your billing account and so much more.  New videos are added frequently so make sure to subscribe so that you do not miss anything.

Practice what you just learned in the video by going to the Xerox Support page and look up your model of machine. Explore all the resources at your fingertips on those pages.  Bookmark the page for your machine.  The information on the support pages is updated as needed so make sure you check for your answers there it might just save you a call to support or a service call.

Now just a quick review of how and where you can find support for your product:

Serial Number and/or contract required:

  • Chat Available from the Contact tab of several products.
  • Technical Support (all products except Phaser and network printers) 1-800-821-2797 (US only)
  • Technical Support (Phaser and network printers only) 1-800-835-6100 (US & Canada)
  • Fast Track to the Expert

Self-Service Solutions:

We hope you find the video helpful in instructing you on navigating the support pages.

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