Port Protocol and Printing Issues

One of the factors to look at when you are having a printing issue with your Xerox printer or multifunction device is the port. We are not talking about the physical connection but how the port protocol is configured. The port can use different protocols, for instance LPR, RAW or LPD.

The print issues that may benefit from a change to the port protocol are:

  • PDF files hang in work centre queue
  • Not printing over WIFI
  • Won’t print
  • Jobs stuck in queue
  • Printer offline message
  • Incomplete or blank pages when printing
  • Slow print
  • Secure print job errors including wrong user
  • PCL XL Error
  • Timeouts when printing

This is not an all-inclusive list and the port change is only one of the possible solutions for these issues. To find additional solutions for the listed issues go to the support page for your model of printer or multifunction printer and search on the symptoms, fault codes or messages you are seeing.

Let’s look at the port change / configuration that may help alleviate some of the errors listed above. LPR or Raw are port protocols available.  If you are having errors try the LPR protocol. You will notice that the port number will change from 9100 to 515 when you select LPR. Enter a queue name of “lp” (must be entered in lowercase) but if you have a Fiery, Creo, Splash, Freeflow the queue name will be different. Here are all the instructions

For Windows the steps are:

  1. Open the Printers or Printers and Faxes or Settings>Devices>Printers and scanners> window.
  2. Right-click on the printer and then click on the [Properties] button. If on Windows 10 click on the printer, select [Manage] then select the [Printer Properties]
  3. Select the [Ports] tab.
  4. Click on [Configure Port].
  5. Click on the [LPR] radio button.
  6. Type: lp (must be entered in lowercase) in the LPR Settings field.
  7. LPR Byte Counting box should NOT be checked
  8. SNMP Status Enabled box should NOT be checked
  9. Click [OK] to save the changes.
  10. Close the Printers or Printers and Faxes or Settings window.

For Apple OS X 10.10 and above:

You may experience some of the symptoms listed above while using the Bonjour print protocol. This may be corrected by configuring the print queue using LPR/LPD using the following steps:

  1. Open [System Preferences]
  2. Open [Print and Scan]
  3. Click the [+] and select [Add Printer or Scanner…]
  4. Select the [IP] method of adding a printer.
  5. Enter the printer IP address or hostname.
  6. Select [Line Printer Daemon] from the list of network protocols.
  7. Re-name the print queue to something that you can easily recognize, such as the model of the printer (e.g. WorkCentre 7845i or AltaLink).
  8. Ensure the proper print driver was selected for the model of printer being used.
  9. Click [Add] to add the print queue.

You can now use this print queue for printing your documents. You should delete other print queues that are no longer necessary – such as the previous Bonjour-based print queue that may have caused the slow printing or other printing errors.

For additional information please consider searching the online support for your machine, post your question on the Xerox Support Forum or contact your local support centre.


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