Bi-Directional On or Off?

What is bi-directional communication and why should you care about it? Well at its basic bi-directional communication (bi-di) is two way communication between a network printer and your computer. They talk to one another to relay information and facilitate auto configuration of the printer and allows for notifications from the printer about the status of jobs, paper trays and other supplies. The bi-di also will relay the installable options that are installed on your machine such as additional paper trays or finishers.

Those are some of the advantages of bi-di but sometimes it can cause an issue. It may be helpful to disable bi-directional communications in the following instances

  • Messages Printer offline or Printer status is not available.
  • Greyed out installable options or missing printing and finishing options.
  • Xerox Standard Accounting option are grayed out.
  • Printing over the network is slow.
  • A status message displays in the print queue and prevents other jobs from printing.

In these instances try disabling the bi-directional communications. If turning off bi-directional communication clears the error, make any changes or edits to the printer and then turn the bi-directional communications back on. The following are the instructions for disabling the bi-directional communications.

To turn off bi-directional communications

  1. Access the Properties or Printer Properties of the print driver.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Select the Bi-Directional Communication button and turn it off.
  4. Select Apply and Ok.

The steps above are the most common.  Your machine may vary in the location of the bi-directional settings.  Please search “bi-directional” in the support pages for your machine for the exact instructions.

If errors or issues continue with the Bi-Directional Communications on please consider searching for more information on the support pages for your machine, post a questions on the Xerox Support Community or contact your local support centre.

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