Delay Print May Cure One Printing Headache

Do you have a big job to print? Do you want to avoid the tension headache caused by the scornful looks from co-workers as your 800 page job prints out? Well I have a feature for you, the delay print feature allows you to set a job to print on off hours so that you do not get those looks or headaches.

How does it work? Simply open the document to be printed and select print. Make sure the Xerox printer is chosen and then select printer properties. In the Job Type field, select Delay Print. A new box will display asking for the Time to Print. Simply enter the time and select Ok and the document will be scheduled to print at that time. I have added a graphic of what you will see in the driver. Your screens may vary depending on the model of your machine and the driver you are using.

So you can be at home watching the World Cup, walking the dog, tucking your kids in bed or sleeping and your job will print and be there waiting for you when you arrive the next morning. No dirty looks and no waiting. Of course please make sure that there is enough paper loaded to handle the job or all bets are off.

Find out if your printer or multifunction printer has this feature by checking the user documentation available on the support page for your printer or simply check your driver for delay print.

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