Save Paper and Supplies with Proof and Sample Print

The Sample Set feature on my Xerox Multifunction printer you can place a set of documents in the automatic document feeder (ADF) and program a big copy job and ask for a sample set. The printer will create one set of the job so you can make sure it is correct before making all those copies. If everything looks good just complete the job, if not cancel the job and set it up correctly. The Sample Set feature saves you a lot of headaches and wasted paper and supplies by making sure you get it right the first time on a long run.

This same feature is also available with the print function. It is called Sample Print or Proof Print depending on the model of printer or driver that you have. Sample / Proof Print can be used to output one copy of a print job so that you can proof the job. If the job requires changes, the remaining prints can be canceled so that there is no waste of supplies and papers. If the proof looks good the remaining copies can be printed.

Below are examples of the screens you might see. Disclaimer: Your screens may vary depending on the model of your multifunction printer. Wording and placement may vary. Some screens shown may be optional. No printers were harmed in the making of these screenshots. Just making sure you are paying attention!!


Check out these features in your user manual or on the support page for your printer and see how they may help you save time, paper, supplies and aggravation.

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