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Today let’s talk about a feature that is available on machines that have a copy function. Xerox is synonymous with copy yet sometimes we forget about all the great features that are available in the copy mode. Have you ever created a copy job and thought this would look more professional if it had a cover? You can have that professional and finished look that covers provide. Did you know your Xerox Multifunction printer or copier can add covers automatically for you? It is a great time saver. With a few simple programming steps you can add a front cover or front and back cover to your copied sets. This is great for creating presentations, booklets, workbooks and other applications. The covers can be pulled from a different tray allowing you to have covers of a different weight paper, like card stock, a different color paper or preprinted paper. Just imagine the possibilities. There is also an option to leave the covers blank or copy onto the covers.

The cover feature can be found on the Output Format tab or under Special Pages menu on your machine. Please review your manual or your support page to see if your printer has the covers feature and for complete instructions on setting up covers. I have included a screenshot from the covers screen on an AltaLink printer. This image may differ from what you see on your printer or multifunction printer but it will show you some of the options available for covers.

Please note that the paper used for the covers must be the same size as the paper used for the rest of the document.

Try using covers, add a little flair and see what a difference covers can make in your copy jobs.

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