Configure Remote Services for the AltaLink Multifunction Printers

Last week we reviewed how to setup the Remote Services for the VersaLink. Today let’s look at the steps for setting up Remote Services on the AltaLink family of multifunction printers.

As a reminder the Remote Services is a suite of features that simplify printer ownership and administration. It provides free services to enable administration of metered billing and supplies replenishment plans for printers on a network.

Automatic Meter reads automates the task of collecting and submitting meter reads.  It makes the Meter Read process hassle free and less time consuming for you and the reads are always submitted on time.

Automatic supplies replenishment automatically orders certain supplies for your machine as they are needed.  You are less likely to be caught without the supplies you need. The orders are based on actual usage so no excess inventory, just the right supplies right when you need them.

Before you begin, if your network uses an HTTP proxy server, you will need to provide information about your proxy server in the steps that follow.

Configure Remote Services:

  1. Access the Embedded Web Server and login as System Administrator.
  2. In the Embedded Web Server, click Properties > General Setup.
  3. Click Remote Services Setup.
  4. For Remote Services, select Enabled.
  5. To allow the device to request software files from Xerox, for Remote Software Download, select Enabled.
  6. To allow the device to synchronize with the Xerox licensing server, for Feature Activation, select Enabled.
  7. To allow a Xerox remote server to modify internal device settings, for Update Device Settings, select Enabled.
  8. To synchronize the device with the Xerox Remote Services datacenter on a defined schedule, daily, for Device Synchronization Time, type the time.
  9. To verify communication with the Xerox Remote Services datacenter, click Synchronize Now. A status message shows the result.
  10. If your network uses an HTTP proxy server, to set or update your proxy server, for HTTP Proxy Server, click Edit and enter your HTTP proxy server information.
  11. Click Apply.
  12. Logout of System Administrator mode.

To get more information about these features, check out the Remote Print Services at that covers all the information and has many useful links.  There is even a Device Eligibility Test that will let you know if your Device(s) can take advantage of the Remote Print Services.

If you have additional questions, check out the FAQs for Remote Print Services that will answer your questions about the Xerox Remote Print Services.

Also there is Security White Paper that can answer any security concerns about these Remote Print Services.

Remote services can save you time and assure that things are handled in a timely manner.  Give it a try!

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