Does your Xerox multifunction device or printer squawk or beep? Does the sound bother you or your coworkers? Those tones all have a meaning and are there to help you know when a task is completed or the machine requires attentions for example.  These tones can be adjusted on many of our machines. The audio tones can be turned off or the volume can be increased or decreased. The setting is found on the machine itself in the machines status or tools area, depending on the machine you are using.

To change the tone settings on most of the machines you will need to log in as the System Administrator to make the changes. You can search the Online Support page for your machine for how to log in as the System Administrator. Simply search on “login” or “System Administrator” to find the instructions and the default username and password for your machine.

Some of the machines have settings for individual types of tones, for instance the Fault tones or Selection tones. Other machines have an adjustment for the overall audio tone. For example see the screen shot below for the AltaLink printers and see the steps here. The settings include off / disable which means no tone will be emitted. Or you can adjust the volume from high, medium or low or 0-5 with five being the loudest. On other machines you can choose between loud, normal or soft. The tones can be helpful to let you know when jobs are completed or when there is a problem at the machine so consider your choices carefully depending on the environment in which the machine operates.

The new audio settings will remain in effect until you change them or until your machine is reset, for instance after a service call you may notice that the tones are heard again depending on what the technician needed to do to service your machine.

If you do not find a case and solution for changing the audio tones on your machine then you may need to have a technician come out to adjust or disable the tones. Don’t let those tones bother you or others they can be adjusted to make your environment quieter.