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Earlier this week we published a blog Tips for Embracing Sustainability on Earth Day 2018. Please review that article. Today we are going to look at more about sustainability, you and Xerox. I think we can all agree that we all need to recycle, reuse and reduce the use of all of our natural resources from trees to electricity.

Xerox has been at the forefront of many products, features and technologies that help to create a green and sustainable workplace.   These include:

  • Inventing double-sided copying in 1969
  • Introducing the first post-consumer recycled paper products in the early 1970’s
  • Introducing products in the 1980’s that automatically powered down or went into a “sleep mode” years before Energy Star programs were conceived.
  • In the late 90’s we established a waste-free platform to design waste-free products and to manufacture in waste-free facilities.
  • Xerox initiated a cartridge return program so that cartridges can be remanufactured.
  • In the 2000’s we introduced the solid ink technology that reduced packaging and energy use.

The list goes on, Xerox has been working toward sustainability for over 40 years.  Check out this document that highlights Xerox Sustainable Roots.  Another good source of information about Xerox’s commitment to sustainability is Xerox and the Environment: Our Sustainability Commitment – this document will explain the present actions being taken toward sustainability and includes links to learn more about the technology, products and services to assist you in reaching your sustainability goals.  You might also like to review the webpage Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability there you will find a plethora of information on sustainability.

Enjoy your Earth Day!!

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