There is a new resource for all of you administrators or end users of Xerox printers and multifunction printers. The Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit is a document that includes helpful links to support tools. Included in the document is a link to a Brainshark® presentation of how to use the support resources, how to complete machine maintenance and more. The presentation also includes how to videos and provides troubleshooting for jams, image quality, and more.  The Brainshark is available to you and your users and also explains the E-Tool kit that is available for download at the end of the presentation.

The E-Tool kit is a document that will take you right to the support page for your printer. The E-Tool kit also includes a page of image quality issues and samples of defects to help you narrow down what part or supply item might be causing image quality issues on your machine. The e-tool kit is a handy document to keep on hand or on your computer for future reference. Please be aware that the Help Desk Learning and Resource toolkit is best viewed on a PC, laptop or tablet.

You can find the link to the Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit document on the main support page under the Helpful Resources section (see image below). In the document click or tap the Help Desk Learning and Resource Toolkit. This presentation can be watched all at once, it runs about 30 minutes, or you can watch just the sections you are interested in viewing. There is a handy index of the different sections and subjects on the left hand side. The index allows you to jump to the section you wish to see with an easy click or tap. There are also QR codes in the presentation that will take you to many of the support resources.

Consider bookmarking this resource for future reference. Review the information at your pace and share with the administrators and users that would benefit from all the information provided. Please let us know in the comments below what your think about this resource. We look forward to hearing from you!