Envelope Printing: How to Make it Work From a Xerox Printer

With all the advances like email, and scanning to the cloud there are still somethings that need to be mailed in an envelope. Addressing envelopes is not as easy as it once was with a typewriter. Remember the good old days when you could just roll an envelope into the typewriter and type a name and address and BAM you were done? Well those days are gone for most of us and now the challenge is to create a professional looking envelope. You can print on envelopes with your Xerox Printer or Multifunction printer. On many of our printers it is not as difficult as it may seem, you just have to know how to place the envelope(s) in the tray correctly and you can create a quality output every time.

The key to printing an envelope is loading the envelope properly and setting up your software program to print to the correct tray and correct size of envelope. We have instructions for printing envelopes on the support pages for your machine. Just go to the support page for your model of printer or multifunction device, then search on “envelopes”. As an example here is the solution for loading envelopes in the bypass tray on the VersaLink B7025/B7030/B7035.

Below is a video for the WorkCentre 5700 series. As always the screens may vary for your machine. Also the way the envelope is loaded may not be correct for your model so please make sure you check the instructions for your model of machine.

You will find all the information you need to load the envelope properly and print to it from different programs on the online support. The support pages will have specifications for the envelopes that can be used on your machine in the paper and media specifications. There are a few of our machines that do not print on envelopes and that will be noted on the Support pages as well. If you have further questions about the process of printing on envelopes you can contact us at Support or you might look on the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum site to see if anyone else has tips or ideas for working with envelopes with your specific application.

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  1. Miguel May 4, 2019 - Reply

    It does not print envelopes. I set it up in the software and on the printer. It gives me error messages no matter what I do. No matter which tray or paper selection I keep getting error messages. I print from Word. I print from Acrobat. Error messages. 🙁

  2. kuldip September 10, 2019 - Reply

    my printer is C8055 and it gets to the confirming part of envelope size and paper tray but it does not print the envelope?????

    • Cheryl Otstott November 19, 2019 - Reply

      Hi kuldip,
      Thank you for reading the blog. Please take a look at the solutions for unable to print an envelope. Even though it says No. 9 size envelopes the solutions are the same for any size envelope that is supported by the machine. If this does not help please consider contacting your local support centre.

  3. Claudia October 8, 2019 - Reply

    I’m having a similar problem with the B7035 Xerox copier. I’m trying to print an envelope but no matter how I position the envelope in tray 5 (suggested by Word or following diagram on tray 5 bypass), I get an error to load required resources. I change the setting to #10 envelope and it tells me that I still have 8×10 paper loaded in the tray section. There, it will not allow me to change the paper setting. I ended up hand writing the envelope.

    • Cheryl Otstott January 3, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Claudia,
      Thank you for reading the blog. Please make sure you are following all the steps available here for loading the envelopes in the bypass tray. If you follow all of these instruction and it still will not work please consider contacting your local support centre for additional assistance.

  4. Karen smith April 2, 2020 - Reply

    I am trying to put an address on an envelope and it will not let me. VersaLink B7035

    • Cheryl Otstott May 1, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you for reading the blog. You do not mention what program you are using to create your envelope. If you have the envelopes loaded properly in the driver and at the machine It should work. Please take a look at this article on loading the envelopes. If this does not help please consider contacting your local support centre.

  5. samantha May 19, 2020 - Reply

    my printer keeps defaulting to card stock even though i changed to no# envelope. this is so frustrating that a printer can decide what paper we have loaded . soooooooo irritating that we cannot print a envelope
    with a massive printer

    • Cheryl Otstott July 22, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Samantha,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. You do not mention which printer you are using so I can’t give you an answer. Please go to the Xerox Support site and enter the model number of your machine and then search on envelopes to find information on printing envelopes on your printer.

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