Xerox Rewards Program Tiers

The Genuine Xerox Rewards program has a new tier structure that can get you great rewards faster than ever.  The tiers are Silver, Gold and Platinum.  You receive reward points for purchasing Xerox supplies and equipment.  The more you buy the more points you get.  Please watch this video for information on the program.

As you move to a higher tier the multiplier for your points increases.  With the higher tier you can earn points faster and redeem for more items with your increased points.

You can receive points for genuine Xerox-branded supplies, Xerox equipment and even Xerox supplies for HP, Brother and other laser printers count.  As a rewards member you will receive a quarterly newsletter that will include a promo code for supplies and equipment registrations that will grant you double points.

Points can be redeemed for great products, gift cards and charitable donations.  Another perk is that the points do not expire as long as you remain active in the Genuine Xerox Rewards program.  Enroll in the program and you will be rewarded with 1000 points just for signing up.

Check out the Genuine Xerox Rewards page for links to more information about the program and an FAQ that might answer any questions you may have about the program.  The program rewards you for something you already do – purchasing genuine Xerox supplies and equipment. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


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