New Firmware for Xerox® VersaLink®, Phaser 6510 and WorkCentre 6515

New firmware is available for many of the VersaLink products as well as the Phaser 6510 and WorkCentre 6515. This is not a mandatory upgrade. You only need to upgrade if you are having an issue or need one of the features contained in the upgraded firmware.  The read me/release notes for the new firmware explain what has been updated. Please check the read me file before upgrading. This firmware also comes with some new and / or requested features. For instance here are a couple of items addressed by the firmware:

  • Fax Confirmation Sheet Prints in Black only – On our color devices, fax confirmation sheets will be printed in black only with this software release installed.
  • Xerox Drop Box App Blank Screen – This software release corrects a malfunction when initiating the Xerox Dropbox App.

Please see the readme and installation files for more information and a full list of the changes and additions in this firmware release. The readme file can be found in a link on the page from which you will download the firmware. The installation instructions will walk you through uploading the firmware to your printer. The installation instruction are included in the .zip file with the firmware.

Make sure you select the correct firmware link for the model of your printer.

Here they are:

If you have questions or concerns about the firmware or upgrading please search your printers support page, or post on the Xerox Community Support Forum or call your local support centre for additional information.


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