Xerox Customer Tips May Help You

We have talked about the Support available to you online through the support pages, and knowledge bases. Now let’s talk about the Customer Tips page.

Customer Tips are PDF documents that delve deeper into issues that are addressed in the online support but maybe not in as much detail.  These documents walk you through some of the more complicated issues and setups on Xerox printers and multifunction machines.  It is just one more resource for you to find the information that you need.  Many of these documents are a little older but the basic concepts continue to be relevant.  There are also Customer Tips for some of our legacy machines that you may still have and be using in your facility.

Take a look at this page and see if there is some information that you can use.  New content is available on the page, for instance the PDL Reference guides for the VersaLink and AltaLink families were added earlier this year. Some of you may find these documents helpful in your configuration or network environment. These documents enable you to access the extended features of the printers in environments that do not have a custom driver.

Other documents contain Helpful Hints for Printing in Citrix and a Printer Description Language (PDL) reference guide for the Xerox ConnectKey Products.  There is also information on pre-configuring Windows drivers and importing and exporting information from Xerox Standard Accounting just to name a few.  The categories include, fax, print, scan, networking, administration and 3rd party solutions.  This is just another resource to be aware of, the online support has all of the information that you need but these documents just present it in a different format and combines solutions in one document. Review the page and see if there are documents that you might find useful.

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