Xerox® VersaLink® – Ready for a Close-up

The Xerox® VersaLink® family of machines is one of the newer multifunction machines presented by Xerox. If you have one or have looked at the information on the machines, you know that they are feature rich. In order to help you set up some of the features on these new machines 18 videos have been added to our Xerox Support channel on YouTube bring the total of videos for the VersaLink to more than 40.

These new videos will walk you through things like loading the paper and selecting the correct type, size and color, how to configure scan to desktop and a review of the VersaLink apps, just to name a few. These videos are around 2 minutes in length and are a wonderful resource for learning the features of your new printer.

Obviously there is not a video available on each and every feature of the machine but these videos address some of the most popular features. More information on the features of the machine is available on the support site for the model VersaLink that you have or are interested in learning more about. There is also documentation such as user manuals available on the documentation tab of the support site of the machine. I would encourage you to at least watch the video titled Xerox VersaLink Accessing the Embedded Web Server as a System Administrator so you get an idea of how our videos are structured and what you can expect from the videos. I have include the video here for your viewing pleasure.

Short, to the point and step-by-step, that is how the videos are for the VersaLink family of printers. So now go pop some popcorn and enjoy the videos!

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