Scan Your Way Out of Chaos with Your Xerox Multifunction Printer

Do me a favor, look around your office right now. Do you see file cabinets? Do you see important documents? Do you have a room somewhere full of files and file cabinets? Do you wish you could organize your documents? If you answered yes to any of these questions there is chaos in your workplace and we should talk. What should we talk about you ask? We should talk about Scanning. Your Xerox product might hold the solution to your document storage and organizational issues.

Scanning, yes scanning, can help you avoid the problems of hard copy file cabinets. The scanning feature may be called scan to file, scan to PC, scan to home, scan to e-mail or network scanning but all of these names describe the ability to scan a document to an electronic format so that you can organize, store, and archive, print and even search documents. There are many advantages of transforming hard copy documents into electronic files, they include but are not limited to:

  • Avoiding manual filing, which is labor intensive and prone to errors
  • Protecting critical information from loss to fire or flood or other disaster
  • Securely delivering information to multiple destinations, including email, archiving systems, fax systems, remote printers, direct-connect clients and network clients
  • Controlling costs by eliminating overnight document shipping charges or postal charges.
  • Supporting your company’s environmental strategy by storing information electronically rather than in rows of filing cabinets. Please remember to recycle all paper and file cabinets when and where possible.

If you have a Production or Multifunction product you may not realize or understand all of the advantages and benefits of your scanning features or options.

We have an entire section on our website devoted to the powerful tool of scanning. Click here to explore the possibilities. You can also go to the support page for your product and search on scan or scanning to find “How to” information on scanning. If that is not enough to convince you we also have videos about scanning. I have included the following video about scanning to file on the WorkCentre 5700. Please remember the screens for your machine may be different but the scanning concept is the same. Check the video tab on the support page of your machine for a possible video on scanning.

Scanning is a very valuable tool, learn more today about how it can help to organize your documents and work processes. Need another advantage to electronic documents? No paper cuts!!! Happy Scanning!!!

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