ENERGY STAR and Xerox Printers

Today, October 24, 2017, is ENERGY STAR day. The United States Environment Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program has been around for 25 years. The goal of the program is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. The ENERGY STAR label independently certifies products, buildings and homes as using less energy and causing fewer emissions that contribute to climate change. Make @ENERGY STAR part of your life on ENERGY STAR Day and every day.

The ENERGY STAR label, seen to the right, is your assurance that the product you are looking at is ENERGY STAR certified. You may have seen this label on your Xerox printer or multifunction printer. Most of the Xerox products are ENERGY STAR certified. Take a look at this Environmental Product List to see if your machine has the ENERGY STAR certification. This document includes all the Xerox products that are ENERGY STAR certified and is updated frequently. You can also look for the blue label on the machine or flashed in the display as the machine powers up. Electrical specifications are available on the support page for your machine and the ENERGY STAR information may be in those specification or check the Certified Products Page of the ENERGY STAR site for more Xerox product information.

ENERGY STAR certifies all types of products in your office and in your home. One of the quick ways to begin meeting or beating the federal conservation standards is to change over to LED light bulbs. The following is a short video called Light the Moment to commemorate ENERGY STAR day by highlighting how LED light bulbs can light the precious moments of your daily life. Lighting is an easy way to bring energy efficiency into your office and home.

Look for that ENERGY STAR label on products you bring into your office or home, save energy and protect the planet for a lifetime of precious moments. #LightTheMoment


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