Yes we are talking corruption! Did you know that files and drivers can both become corrupt? If this happens you can have issues when trying to print. Issues such as no printing or blank pages can be caused by a corrupted file or driver. I guess it makes sense since all that data travels as 1 and 0s occasionally they must get mixed up or maybe a 2 gets thrown in there, ok so twos don’t get thrown in but corruption happens. Documents can become corrupt from excessive edits and reformatting or just for no apparent reason. Try cutting and pasting the information into a new document space and see if that helps.

Drivers can also become corrupt. In that case uninstall the driver completely and then reinstall following the instructions on the online support page for your printer. Simply search on “uninstall driver” for information on totally removing the driver. We also recommend that once the driver has been removed that you reboot your computer. Then you can reinstall the driver.

Are you seeing printed errors? What should you do? It depends on the error. If you are getting postscript errors there is a lot of information in the Online support about PostScript errors. The document will help you decide if the source is the system, an application, a file or an element of the file. Please take a look at the case and solution for PostScript errors in the support page for your machine, just search for PostScript errors. Click the following link, this or a variation of this case “Troubleshoot PostScript Errors” should be what you find.

When troubleshooting PostScript errors the frequency of the error will help to determine what is causing the error. If the error only occurs when printing a certain file or only from a specific application then it is probably not an issue with the printer or the driver but rather an issue with the file or the application. If it is the application then contacting the vendor of the application is the best way to try to resolve the error.

If a PCL XL Error message prints along with your job then chances are the PCL driver is to blame. The error is caused by a corrupt PCL driver. The issue can be fixed by fully removing the driver and port, rebooting the computer and then installing the latest PCL driver or even a PS driver from the Drivers and Download page for your machine.

I hope this has helped to answer some of your questions about PostScript errors, PCL XL error and corruption. If you have further questions, check out the support page for your machine. Post a question on the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum or give your local support centre a call.