Customers impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

It has been a tough several weeks in the weather department with Hurricane Harvey in Texas and surrounding areas and Hurricane Irma in Florida and the Caribbean and surrounding areas. Xerox is here to help our customers that are recovering from the storms. If your Xerox equipment was damaged in the storms or you have experienced service disruption Xerox can help you get back in operation. Contact the Xerox Customer Relations Group for help for customers in the United States and the Caribbean.

  • Call: 1-855-266-4263 Phone lines are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.
  • Email: for assistance outside of these hours.

More information and links are available at

Since we are still in hurricane season let’s look at the recommended preparations in the event of another storm and flooding. Tips to protect your Xerox machines and supplies –

  • Secure Units: Unplug devices and place electrical cords securely on top of machines.
  • Move Units: If possible, relocate machines to middle of rooms—away from windows and / or open doors.
  • Cover Units: Wrap machines with heavy-gauge plastic to protect them from water and / or falling debris.
  • Relocate Supplies: Move supplies off floors and into secure rooms to avoid damage. Cover paper and other supplies with heavy-gauge plastic.

Note: Upon returning to work, if machines show signs of water damage, do not plug-in the units. Please call the Xerox Customer Relations Group help-line (above) for instructions on how to proceed.

I am in Texas so here are the things being done in relation to Hurricane Harvey. Similar help should be extended to the Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

  • Xerox has increased its donation to the American Red Cross to support both Harvey and Irma relief efforts. The company will continue to match employee donations.
  • We have provided equipment to the City of Dallas for the evacuation center set up at the Dallas Convention Center.
  • We are helping various Texas government agencies with their printing requirements to support storm victims in their recovery efforts.
  • Xerox employees and former employees at a logistics distribution center in Indianapolis have assembled supplies and are including them in trucks bound for Houston. (Photos, above)

For anyone impacted by the storms Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has published information that will help people get help and updates.  and includes emergency telephone numbers, safety tips, and news and updates.

Stay safe out there and please contact us if you need help with your Xerox equipment.

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