Get Rewards When You Get Genuine Xerox Supplies

There are many reward programs available these days from airlines to grocery stores. We have a great one for you. It is called the Genuine Xerox Supplies reward program and it rewards you for doing what you already do – buying Genuine Xerox Supplies. The program gives you points for registering your machines in the program and points for the genuine Xerox supplies you buy. You even get points for the purchase of Xerox branded supplies for other selected brands of printers such as HP, Brother and more. Let’s look at a few of the advantages of joining this program.

  • Reward points never expire as long as you remain active in the program. To be considered active you simply need to have at least one transaction per year.
  • Supplies bought from any Xerox reseller or retailer count
  • There are no out-of-pocket costs associated with redeeming points
  • Shipping costs are included in point values

You must register at least one supplies item that you purchased before you can start redeeming your points. The points can be redeemed for music, movies, gift cards, charitable donations and more. Every dollar you spend generally earns you one reward point. It is quick and easy to earn points. You will be given 1,000 points when you enroll in the program and 100 points for every printer or multifunction printer you register. Please watch the following video to see how it works.

To learn more about the program you can read the frequently asked questions document. If you like what you see then sign up by going to the Genuine Xerox Rewards site. To find out if your machine is eligible check the list of Rewards eligible equipment. There is even support available to help you with this program. You can either send a support request or call the genuine Xerox Rewards Support Center at the number on the site.

So why not get rewarded for something you do anyway? Don’t miss this opportunity to earn some fun from your supplies.

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