A conversation overheard in an office recently.

Sandy: Alexa tell Xerox to make 3 copies double sided

Alexa: Ok you want to make 3 double sided copies. Please wait while I prepare your documents.

Xerox Printer: [Thinking because Xerox printers don’t talk] I’ll get right on that! Finished and no one touched me!!

Yes, that is correct, now with the use of your ConnectKey technology enabled Xerox devices and voice recognition (VR) technology you can interact with your Xerox device with your voice and not have to go to the machine and touch the user interface.   Working together Vision-e Voice and Amazon’s Alexa make your Xerox ConnectKey enabled printer and/or multifunction printers voice activated.  Voice recognition apps are a growing market. You have probably used a VR app in your daily routine maybe to text or search or to control the thermostat in your home.

Using the voice recognition feature and simple voice commands Alexa can help you use your Xerox MFD, gather information about the machine including supply levels and meter reads for example and even submit a service request.  You can read more about the VR feature on the website. Hear it in action on the Vision-e Voice site.  The video below is from the Vision-e Voice site. In the video you can see and hear how VR works.

The voice recognition is exclusively available on Xerox® ConnectKey i-Series MFP enabled devices, as well as Xerox® WorkCentre® and the newly released Xerox® VersaLink® and Xerox® AltaLink®. You will also need an Amazon Echo (that is where Alexa “lives”) and Vision-e Voice app.

Find out more about this technology at the Voice Recognition webpage, Vision-e Voice website or contact a Xerox Partner for information to install Vision-e Voice for your office.