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This article is for a Specialty ink that is available on just certain printers but I want you all to know about the possibilities with the Xerox Specialty dry ink. These Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks are available for the Xerox® Color 800i/1000i Presses and the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press. The Xerox Specialty dry ink include the Xerox® Metallic Dry Inks, offered in silver and gold and exclusively available for the Xerox Color 800i/1000i presses, and the Xerox® Clear Dry Ink available on both the Xerox® Color 800i/1000i Presses and the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press.

The possibilities for these specialty inks are numerous. The metallic effects allow the creation of static and variable elements in-line and at rated speed. Some examples of uses for the metallic effects are logos, seals, awards, artwork, images and text. You can add this bling to any communication and make it eye-catching and attention grabbing. Jobs that previously had to be outsourced for offset silver and gold printing and foil stamping can now be migrated to digital with quicker turnaround times and more cost efficiency.

Xerox® Clear Dry Ink was the first Specialty Dry Ink available for the Color 800i/1000i Presses. With the Xerox Clear Dry Ink you can add new dimension to your print jobs using spot, flood, or textural effects. These effects add interest to your printed material and demand attentions from the reader.

The low-melt EA Dry Ink enables a vast substrate range, including plastics and other specialty stocks that are only possible with our low temperature process. Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks open up new markets for you if you have a printing business and offer premium effects to your customers.

Check out the Xerox Specialty Ink brochure for more examples and information about these inks. You can also check out the webpage for more information including case studies of businesses that have found success with these specialty inks. There are several videos on the Xerox YouTube channel that will show you different ways to setup or design for using the metallic dry inks. I have included a short video below that shows how to design for multi-pass printing with metallic dry inks. Now get out there and bring the bling!!

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  1. Rui Proença September 20, 2017 - Reply

    I teach Digital Print and I’m interested in more and the newest information about this.

    • Cheryl Otstott September 25, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Rui,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. All the information is available to you on the Specialty Dry Ink website. If you have additional questions there is a “contact us” link on the webpage.

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