Last week we looked at the video tours of the online support for your Xerox products.  Today let’s take a closer look at some of the icons and links on the support pages.

As you look through case, solutions and how tos on the support pages you will see some symbols to the left of the titles.  Here are the explanations of what each symbol means.

The cases with the question mark symbol is informational or a how to.

The exclamation point will be displayed in front of a troubleshooting article

The icon of the little “I” indicates a specification article.

The clipboard indicates a solution.

The folder indicates related content which can be another article or solution, a specification article or a link to an outside site.  The folder leads you to additional information.

Those are the icons you might see.

Let’s look at another feature of the online support, at the bottom of each article or solution is a place for you to let us know how we are doing.  By using the 5 star rating system to let us know how we are doing by rating the solution or article.  There is also a “Provide Feedback” link that you can click on to be directed to a screen where you can write your thoughts on the solution and suggestions on how we might improve the articles and solutions.  We welcome you feedback and ratings so that we can continue to improve your online support experience.

Now that you have all this additional information click over to the support page and enter your product name in the search box and explore all the content available to you.