Tomorrow April 22nd is Earth Day!!  As we have said for years, every day is Earth Day at Xerox.  Xerox has been committed to sustainability and preserving the planet even before the founding of Earth Day in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin as a teach-in about the environment.  In celebration of Earth Day let’s look at some of the ways you and your Xerox products can contribute to the mission of Earth Day by using conservation features.

First off consider using a multifunction device.  By using a multifunction device you can get copying, printing, faxing and scanning in one device.  Right there you have saved by having one machine instead of four, scanner, copier, fax machine and printer.  Having one instead of multiple machines cuts down on manufacturing waste and electricity to power the machines.

But whether you get a Multifunction Printer or a Printer you can save paper. To do that you can copy or print in duplex / two-sided mode.  You will cut your paper consumption in half.  See how quickly I did that math!!  Duplexing is standard on most of our printers and an option on others.  Please consider using duplexing on all your drafts and any jobs you can.  Other ways to save paper are turn off the banner pages and use the sample set feature to make sure your job is correct before printing out multiple copies.

Some of these features are combined in the Earth Smart feature of the product specific and Global  Print drivers.  Another Earth smart feature is Print Job ID which prints the job/user information in the margin on the first page which can eliminate costly and wasteful banner pages. Not all machines have the Earth Smart built into the driver but you can still set the individual settings or if compatible use the Global Driver.  I have included a video from the support pages that shows how to set up the Earth Smart settings.  This video is for the ColorQube 9200 family.  Please look at the support pages for your products for instructions for using these earth-friendly features.

Some other things you can do to help the environment include:

  • Change your font to save ink.  See the #GreenHacks video below for an example.
  • Use recycled paper products and recycle all paper when possible.
  • Return used supplies to Xerox for recycling.
  • When you are upgrading to a new machine always consider a Multifunction device to cut down on the number of fax machines, copiers and printers you have in your office environment.
  • If you are upgrading or getting rid of a Xerox product we have several ways to recycle your old machine.  Please consider donating the machine so that others may benefit from the machine.  Xerox has partnered with National Cristina Foundation to provide used Xerox printers and other equipment to help non-profit organizations, public agencies, and schools.  The donations of equipment may be tax-deductible.
  • ConnectKey multifunction printers are compatible with Cisco® EnergyWise, an energy management solution that allows IT operations and facilities to measure and fine-tune power usage to realize significant cost savings. For example, with Cisco energy management solutions, you can set power states for the multifunction printer for optimal power savings. You can also set the multifunction printer to go to sleep mode after 10 minutes, get current power consumption information, and set timeout to low power and sleep modes.

The list goes on but these are some of the highlights.  Xerox has been working toward sustainability for over 40 years.  We have created a seven step plan to a greener office.  Please head to the Create a Green Office website and learn about the 7 steps.

On this 47th annual Earth Day do something kind for the planet and enjoy!