Two New Families of Xerox Smart Workplace Assistants

Did you see or hear about the history made on March 29, 2017?  On that day Xerox introduced 29 new ConnectKey®-enabled printers and multifunction devices that transform traditional printing devices into smart, connected workplace assistants.  The families include the Xerox VersaLink® for smaller workgroups with lower volume needs and the Xerox AltaLink® for larger workgroups with higher volume needs.  This is the largest product launch in the 110 year history of Xerox.  The family of products include different sizes, speeds and capabilities with a consistent user experience across all 29 products.

The Xerox VersaLink and AltaLink products are ConnectKey enabled and include personalized workflows, one-touch access to the cloud and multi-layered security features. The touch screen interface on the machines has the look and feel of a tablet or smartphone. The interface is customizable and can be personalized by work group or individual.  This ability can gives your employees their own personalized interface making work flow simple and easy.

The ConnectKey printers and multifunction devices are cloud ready with one-touch access to the cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Office 365. They are also mobile friendly, making the job of printing from your mobile devices quick and easy.  Don’t forget the apps, the VersaLink and AltaLink have apps built-in and more apps can be added.  These apps can be off the shelf apps and customized apps to streamline your work processes.

Security is a major focus and the new ConnectKey enabled devices do not disappoint.  They offer encryption, image overwrite and protection from unauthorized access to the machines.  There are also access logs to enable you to monitor access attempts.

Needless to say there is so much more about these devices I can’t cover it all here.  To find out more please visit the Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink webpages for more information and links to more articles, brochures and descriptive information.  Check out our YouTube channel for videos about these new offerings. Take a look at this overview video for more information about the ConnectKey technology.

The Future of Work: World Tour will launch in New York City, New York on April 26, 2017 with many more locations in the US and worldwide.  Get your invitation and attend to hear and see more about the way these 29 products are changing the workplace.

The way we work is ever evolving take a look at the devices that are keeping pace with the ever-changing workplace!


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  1. Shahab Syed Ali April 8, 2017 - Reply

    Great Technology………Leader at its best !!!!!

    Bishara Establishment
    Muscat, Oman

    • Cheryl Otstott April 14, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Shahab,
      Thank you for reading the blog and I am glad you like this new technology!

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