Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day let’s talk about a tool that will help your business be a little greener and maybe even save you some green. Workers are becoming increasingly mobile, working from the office, home or even the playground while watching the kids. As work travels with us we need a tool that will help to organize and work with all the digital data we touch in the course of business. Take a look at the Xerox Digital Alternatives Tool.

The Xerox Digital Alternatives Tool is a single intuitive interface that can be used on Windows-based PCs OS 7 and up and Apple iPad 2 or newer running iOS 7.x and iOS 8.x. See complete specifications in the Xerox Digital Alternatives requirements case.  With this simple desktop tool users can collaborate, synchronize work across most personal devices automatically, complete forms and annotate documents just to name a few of the features of this tool.

The tool gives you the flexibility of options you would see with a paper documents only in the digital format which will make your business processes greener. For instance with the annotate feature you can sign documents electronically, fill in forms, circle or highlight information in the digital document. Once annotated the document with all the annotations can be shared or real-time synchronized across devices. This makes collaboration easy as everyone is looking at the most up-to-date version of a document. It makes work easier for workers on the go.

For more information about the Xerox Digital Alternatives Tool please take a look at the site, brochure and the videos listed below. I have also included the introduction video for your review. If you already have the tool make sure to bookmark the support page for the Xerox Digital Alternatives Tool for access to how to’s, troubleshooting, documentation and latest version of the software.

Introducing Xerox Digital Alternatives
Xerox Digital Alternatives
How to use Xerox Digital Alternatives
Xerox Digital Alternatives Tutorial
How to Share Meeting Notes with Xerox Digital Alternatives
How to Sign a PDF Document with Xerox Digital Alternatives
How to Import documents into Xerox Digital Alternatives