Brother Dominic is Back!!

What’s old is new again. Some 40 years ago Brother Dominic performed the miracle of copying a multiple page document, returning 500 sets of the document to his boss in short order.  That ad showed the capabilities of the Xerox 9200 Duplicating System and became an iconic ad that is still ranked as one of the best Super Bowl ads of all time.  Well Brother Dominic is back!

In the new ad Brother Dominic again performs a miracle with the help of Xerox products.  Not only does he copy the document but he sends the document around the world to all 7 continents, in 30 plus languages in minutes.  Brother Dominic is also able to have the document sent, viewed and printed from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and even prints the document on coffee mugs.  The new Brother Dominic employs the use of a Xerox multifunction device to scan, copy, translate and email the document and uses available Xerox software and apps to make sure the document gets to all its destinations.  Those coffee mugs seen in the ad are printed on the Xerox Direct to Object Inkjet printer.

I wonder what the original Brother Dominic would think of all that Xerox would be able to help him with today. Many will remember Brother Dominic and those who do not will enjoy an introduction to him. One thing you have to admit is that technology has come a long way since Brother Dominic needed those 500 copies!

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