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We want you to get social with us in this New Year. Xerox has many ways to interact with us for support, information and just plain fun. On Facebook we have several pages but the one that I would like to direct you to is our main Xerox Corp. page at Facebook. Like our page to receive great information, updates and ways to make your work processes more efficient.

Check out the information sharing going on at the Xerox Customer Support Community. At the forum community you can search for solutions to support issues or ask new questions of your peers. Register so that you can post your question. Your personal information is safe with us and we will not send you a bunch of email. Great information is traded on the forum between people like you using the machines in their businesses. It is a great resource and there are lots of friendly and helpful people there.

You can also follow us and chat with us on Twitter. Again there are many twitter accounts for Xerox but I recommend the one for Support at XeroxSupport. You can tweet to us with support concerns and we will try to direct you to the people that can help you out or answer your question directly.

Check out the support section on our YouTube channel at Xerox Corp. In the support section you will find videos specifically geared to our products.  On the Xerox Channel as a whole there are many informative and interesting videos about Xerox and the things we do. For more videos about your machine check out the Online Support page for your machine and see if there is a video tab for your machine. The video tab will have videos on how to use the machine.

We are also on LinkedIn at Xerox. Join us there to stay up-to-date on all the Xerox news and offerings. Our Xerox SlideShare site provides slide presentations ranging from history of Xerox to innovations.

Of course you are always welcome here at the At Your Service blog. Subscribe to the blog and you will get a brief email when a new article is posted to the At Your Service blog. It’s like an old fashion social every week!! We look forward to interacting with you on one, two or all of these platforms. Join, follow, like, subscribe or whatever so you can find us when you need us. We are here to listen and help.

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