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I would like to share with you a couple of tools that can help to increase your productivity by helping you understand the driver properties and our device management tool CentreWare Internet Services. The tools are the print driver simulator and the CentreWare Internet Service (CWIS) simulator.

These simulators will help you learn to navigate the drivers and CWIS.  The simulators will help you to train new users on important aspects of the printers.  The simulators can also help your administrator(s) smoothly walk people through setup or troubleshooting by referencing these tools.

The simulators are examples and may not completely mirror your drivers and CentreWare Internet Services screens because of options and features you may have on your machine that may not be represented on the simulator screens.  The screens and tabs have interactivity so that you can review the main tabs as well as options on the tabs.

These tools can be found on the Xerox® ConnectKey® productivity site.  Along with the simulators there are also other tools, software and apps introduced on this page.  Please review the other items available, they may come in handy for your work processes.

I hope you will find the simulators handy and useful in your businesses and that they save you some time.  Consider bookmarking the Xerox ConnectKey Technology Productivity page as a resource for other productivity tools.

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