Personalization with XMPie®

XMPie® are software solutions for some of today’s marketing challenges.  XMPie features the ability to create personalized marketing campaigns across several channels – print, Web, email, mobile, video and other media. Personalization draws attention to your message and is more likely to engage your customer to interact with your company.  Let’s take a look at a SlideShare from the Xerox SlideShare channel on Linkedin.

XMPie can also provide you with online web to print stores with campaign management, tracking and reporting. The online experience can be personalized using the tools in the XMPie array of products.  XMPie is a Xerox company. Please watch this video that explains and shows what XMPie can do for you, your business and your customers.

To learn more about XMPie and download a free trail of XMPie UDirect please visit the XMPie page.  More information in detail can be found on the XMPie website where you will find explanations of all the products offered by XMPie.  There are case studies that highlight the success that businesses have had with the XMPie products as well as information on training available. Trial versions and videos are also available. Support tools on the XMPie website including a knowledge base, tutorials, documentation and more.

Take a look at what is available and how these products can enhance your communications with your customers.


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