Do You Have the Latest Xerox Firmware Version?

Have you upgraded your firmware lately? Ok I know some of you are asking what firmware? I have firmware? Yes your Xerox printer or multifunction device has firmware also sometimes referred to as Systems Software. We offer upgraded firmware when we find an issue with the original firmware. These updates can be loaded by you to your machine and might help with issues you are seeing. Issues range from slow printing to paper feeding from the wrong tray to some symbols not being recognized in titles for example. The issues vary by machine and may not be encountered by all users depending on the network environment your machine is in and depending on the computer software you use with your machine. So put in short easy terms you may or may not see a problem, but if you are having a recurring issue it might be fixed by upgrading to the newest version of firmware.

So now you are asking how do I know what firmware I have? Good question, if you print out a configuration or systems settings report for your machine you will see the firmware version listed on the report. The firmware will be listed under firmware or systems software. You can compare that number to the version number available on the support website. If the firmware on the site has a higher number then it is newer and may help with any problem or situation you may be having. As always if in doubt contact support for any questions you may have.

The new firmware are available to you on the support page for your machine. There is a section on the Drivers and Download tab that is titled Firmware. Please make sure that you read the installation notes for these files prior to installing them on your machine. These are not mandatory upgrades; if your machine is working well for you then you do not necessarily need to upgrade the firmware. But if you are experiencing issues then it is a good idea to look into the firmware upgrades and see if that might fix your problem before you call for service. Below is an example of what you will see when you look for firmware on your machine’s support page. As always if you are in doubt or have questions please feel free to contact use at support, we are happy to help you!!

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