Automatically Send Meter and Supply Data from Your Xerox Device

Want your Xerox device to send Automatic Meter and Supply data so you don’t have to do things manually? One of the very important settings is the Daily Transmission time on the Xerox device. If there is no Daily transmission time specified on the device, or the Daily transmission time is set for a time when the device is not on, then this feature will not work. The device has to have a time specified in order for it to start communicating with the Xerox Smart E-Solutions servers and to send Meters, Supply and Diagnostics data

  1. Opening the device’s web page from any Internet Browser on your PC or MAC computer using the IP address of the Xerox device.
  2. Check that your Xerox device has a “Daily Transmission Time” specified for a time of day when the machine is on.
  3. Select “Properties > General Setup > Smart E-Solutions Setup “.

Blog 7 pic 2

  1. Check that the machine has a Transmission Time specified in this page. The machine has to have a time specified  in order for it to start communicating or sending data to the Xerox Smart E-Solutions server
  2. Check the Date and Time on your Xerox device by clicking “Date and Time” under General Setupscreen 2
  3. Test the Device’s communication via the Device web page by selecting Properties  > General Setup > Smart E-Solutions  setup >  Select “Test Communication Now” button  –

screen 1

  1. The screen below shows the Test Communication as it is happening.screen6
  2. If the “Test Communication ” is successful you will see the following screenscreen7
  3. If the Test Communication Fails. Then further troubleshooting is needed to configure the Smart E-Solutions on your Xerox device.

The link below gets you to the Xerox Remote Services Support page that will help you setup your device. Just click the link and then select option # 2 and follow the instructions    Xerox Remote Services Support Page

Keep in mind that many newer Xerox Devices come with the Remote Print Services available, some of our more mature (older) Devices require a simple and free download of a Device Manager software called XDA-Lite.

To get more information about these features, check out the Remote Print Services at that covers all the information and has many useful links.  There is even a Device Eligibility Test that will let you know if your Device(s) can take advantage of the Remote Print Services.

If you have security questions, check out the Security FAQ for Remote Print Services that will answer your questions concerning security.

Also there is Security White Paper that can answer any security concerns about This Remote Print Services.

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  1. CHANDRASEKARAN October 12, 2017 - Reply

    A hardware device required for getting the weighed measurement details from weighing machine to remotely located server without interruption of human.

    • Cheryl Otstott October 13, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Chandrasekaran,
      Thank you for reading the blog. I do not understand your comment/request. Please consider calling your local support centre for assistance.

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