Paper Meets Cloud – Cloud Meets Mobile Print

In this mobile world with all the mobile devices there is still the need to print or to move a paper document to the cloud.  That is where Xerox comes in.  Not only do our printers and multifunction devices help you to print from your mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, but our multifunction devices and scanners help you to get hard copy documents to the cloud to help you share it as needed.

These workflow processes can sometime be confusing but to make it simpler Xerox offers an eBook to help you navigate these hard copy to cloud and cloud or mobile to print activities.  On the Mobile Document Management page you will find information about bridging the gap between the old hard copy world and the new cloud and mobile world.   You will find a link to the eBook titled How to Optimize Your Cloud and Mobile WorkflowsReview the eBook to find out how you can upgrade your processes to help you and your employees and customers leverage the technology already at our finger tips to complete the work processes they need.

Check out this video to see just some of the ways you can use mobile apps to help you create easy processes to bridge the hard copy mobile divide.  As the mobile devices continue to get faster and more compatible we will continue to see people prefer the use of mobile over conventional processes.

See what did I tell you?  That video shows some of the great apps and processes that you can use to streamline your processes.  So navigate over to the mobile workflow site and see if the information there or in the eBook can help with your processes and bridging the divide between your mobile and hard copy processes.


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