Did you know you can log into a Xerox device in system administrator mode? The default access for all users is a basic user mode, which allows you access to the basic Copy, Scan Print & Fax functions of a device.  The system administrator mode allows you to use and configure many of the various advanced accounting, security and configuration features of the Xerox device including network parameters and changing specific default modes on the machine.

We provide the default administrator username and password credentials in the documentation included with the device, as well as how to change it. If documentation is not available assistance can also be found in the online documentation at www.support.xerox.com as well as the Xerox online knowledge base for your specific device.

The default username and password are intended only for initial access.  Xerox strongly urges the changing of this password to something unique and secure as soon as possible. Changing the password insures access to only authorized individuals and helps protect your network environment from potential security breaches and attacks (whether the device is being attacked or being used to perpetrate an attack).  Please consider this password much like the password to your Computer or Network Router, or on a more personal level your smartphone or tablet. In today’s world of technology a Xerox Multifunction device is a multi-faceted, SMART, networked, workflow solution platform. All the same security protocols applied to the rest of your networked office technology, should be applied to your Xerox device as well. Don’t just think about Xerox machines as that “copier in the corner”, that is what network intruders count on. (And you may be missing out on using some terrific features included with our devices)

When changing the password please make sure to document it and retain it in your records, if it is lost or forgotten a field service visit is required to reset the password, and before you ask the question in the Q&A section below, no it can’t be reset remotely. If we could reset the device remotely it would mean we had a backdoor into your potentially secure environment, which would be a violation of your trust in us.

Below we have supplied a video of the System Administrator login process on a Xerox WorkCentre 7500 series machine. The process of accessing a device can vary depending your machine. However, the general concept of access remains the same.

As a closing reminder upon completion of any advanced task requiring administrator level access please remember to log out of the system administrator mode (whether remotely through CentreWare Internet Services or at the front panel) this helps safeguard your machine and the network environment it resides in.

Thank you for visiting & choosing Xerox!