Reward Points for Genuine Xerox Supplies

We seem to be rolling quickly into another holiday season.  How about using gift cards and other products to show your appreciation for your employees?  What does this have to do with Xerox and your printers or multifunction devices?  I am glad you asked.  Take a look at the Genuine Xerox Rewards program.  The program is similar to reward programs you may already participate in, you receive points for the dollars you spend on supplies for your Xerox printers and MFD.  The reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, donations to charities, music etc. You can also receive reward points for signing up, registering your Xerox machine, and for ordering supplies for your other branded products.

It really is simple.  Take a look at this short video about the program.

Now I know you want to sign up so just head over to the Genuine Xerox Rewards website and get started collecting your points so that you can shop later this year for your employees, customers or even yourself.  You decide how you use your points Xerox provides a bunch of options.  Doesn’t it make sense to earn rewards for something you already do?  Don’t leave those points on the table sign up and get this benefit.

Now you can even earn points for ordering supplies for your other products like Brother and HP and others through the Xerox Supplies reward site.  Your points don’t expire as long as you remain active in the Xerox Genuine Reward program and why wouldn’t you, you are getting points for something you do anyway!

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