Xerox DocuMate 6440 Scanner

DM6440_400pxIn the never ending attempt to go paperless there is a new device that can help you move more paper documents to digital or even to the cloud.  The Xerox DocuMate 6440 Scanner is a fast and user-friendly scanner that can scan up to one page per second that is up to 60 pages per minute! The scans can be sent to one of the nine presets destinations. This small footprint scanner with integrated image enhancing software scans quickly without a loss of quality.

Visioneer One Touch® powers the DocuMate 6440 and lets you scan documents instantly to almost any application, folder or device with just one touch of a button.  Using the imaging enhancing software Acuity the Documate 6440 enhances and corrects images so that your documents is scanned perfectly to a searchable PDF.  That PDF scan can be sent to email or a custom web application.   As an example in the healthcare industry you can quickly scan a patients records and have them routed automatically to the pharmacy or billing or any other department that might need to see them to improve productivity and efficiency.

The Documate 6440 even scans cards such as driver’s license, id card, insurance cards etc. The cards can be scanned through the automatic document feeder (ADF).  The ADF holds up to 80 pages. The scanner is a third faster than the last version and scans up to 60 ppm and 120 ipm duplex (double sided) black and white, greyscale or color images per minute.

To find out more about the DocuMate 6440 please see the product page, the brochure and the support site. The DocuMate 6440 can get you closer to your paperless goal.

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